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Does your PC run hot and have a tendency to overheat? Does it rev up the fans often? If so, you can help to extend the life of your laptop with a cooling fan. This Laptop Cooler from Essentials sports two 125x125mm fans and conveniently plugs in with a USB cable, so you can connect it to any USB port. The cooler also has its own dual USB hub so you can plug in even more devices. Its compact size makes it easy to store at home or to bring along with you for on-the-go portability. It fits best with 10-15” sized laptops. Fan diameter: 125x125mm.
  • Feature #1
    Plugs into a single USB port
  • Feature #2
    Includes a dual USB hub
  • Feature #3
    Fits great with 10-15” notebooks
  • Feature #4
    Compact size for easy storage and transport
  • EAN